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150. Stopping the Spread of HIV

How HIV infection is transmitted and how you can protect yourself and others from HIV infection.
[Revised: May 13, 2007]

151. Safer Sex Guidelines

How to reduce the risk of HIV infection during sexual activity.
[Revised: July 18, 2007]

152. How Risky Is It?

A discussion of the risk of transmitting HIV through various types of sexual activity. Factors that increase the risk of transmission.
[Revised: June 25, 2007]

153. Condoms

Discussion of the use of condoms for HIV prevention, including the female condom and the spermicide nonoxynol-9. Condom myths and realities.
[Revised: April 12, 2007]

154. Drug Use and HIV

Drug use and transmission of HIV through unsafe sex and shared equipment. Drug interactions and needle exchange.
[Revised: May 14, 2007]

155. Harm Reduction and HIV

Harm reduction focuses on improving individual and public health more than on elimination of harmful behaviors. Harm reduction can be applied to reducing HIV-related risks of drug use or of unsafe sexual activity.
[Revised: September 5, 2006]

156. Treatment After Exposure to HIV

Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) is treatment after exposure to HIV. It is intended to prevent HIV infection. PEP is available for workplace exposure to HIV and is being studied for non-occupational exposures.
[Revised: August 24, 2007]

157. Microbicides

A discussion of efforts to develop a woman-controlled HIV prevention tool using microbicides.
[Revised: June 29, 2007]

158. AIDS Myths and Misunderstandings

A discussion of myths, misunderstandings, and realities regarding AIDS transmission, effects, and medications.
[Revised: April 26, 2007]


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