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200. Important Resources in the USA

A listing of AIDS organizations in New Mexico and the US with a link to a national database.
[Revised: October 10, 2006]

201. How Do I Start?

When you first learn that you are HIV-positive, you need to learn more about HIV, monitor your immune system, and decide how you want to deal with HIV.
[Revised: February 14, 2007]

202. Choosing an HIV Care Provider

It is important to find an HIV care provider who works with HIV/AIDS patients and stays up to date. Your relationship with your care provider will be better if you are comfortable with each other and your manner of dealing with health issues.
[Revised: July 18, 2007]

203. Medical Appointments

Tips on how to get the most from your health care office visits.
[Revised: April 26, 2007]

204. Telling Others You are HIV Positive

It can be difficult to know who to tell that you are HIV-positive, and when to tell them. There are some general guidelines, and some special situations.
[Revised: April 12, 2007]

205. Participating in a Clinical Trial

You can participate in scientific studies (clinical trials) of new drugs. There are benefits and risks to consider. Laws protect participants, and they can drop out of a clinical trial at any time.
[Revised: August 24, 2007]

206. How to Spot HIV/AIDS Fraud

There is no cure for HIV. Some treatments have not been tested and might be harmful. If it sounds too good to be true, it might be a fraud. Check out any product or treatment carefully; look for warning signs of fraud.
[Revised: August 24, 2007]

207. Vaccinations and HIV

A discussion of the risks and benefits of various vaccinations for people with HIV.
[Revised: April 26, 2007]

208. Selling Your Life Insurance

How you can get benefits from your life insurance policy while you are still alive.
[Revised: November 21, 2006]

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