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AIDS Treatment News Mission and History

AIDS Treatment News was founded in 1986 in San Francisco by John S. James, who has published almost 400 issues since then, and has always been the sole owner. In 2004 we changed our Web site to report urgent or breaking news here, while maintaining our print edition.

We publish short news summaries on the home page ( www.aidsnews.org ), in reverse date order with the latest one first. Most have a link to the full article (some short announcements have no link). Note that these summaries may link to our own articles on this site, or to articles by others on sites not affiliated with AIDS Treatment News. AIDS Treatment News moved to Philadelphia in January 2001. It is now an independent project housed at Philadelphia FIGHT.

Philadelphia FIGHT is a comprehensive AIDS service organization providing HIV primary care regardless of ability to pay, consumer education, outreach, and advocacy. It also conducts federally funded and other clinical trials on potential HIV treatments.

AIDS Treatment News has kept its original mission statement from over 15 years ago: “AIDS Treatment News reports on experimental and standard treatments, especially those available now. We interview physicians, scientists, other health professionals, and persons with AIDS or HIV; we also collect information from meetings and conferences, medical journals, and computer databases. Long-term survivors have usually tried many different treatments, and found combinations that work for them. AIDS Treatment News does not recommend particular therapies, but seeks to increase the options available.”

AIDS Treatment News is free online, and does not accept grants or contributions from pharmaceutical companies (they can subscribe). We need readers’ help to maintain this independent voice. See www.aidsnews.org/canhelp for ways you can be involved.

Please contact John S. James at aidsnews@aidsnews.org if you have questions or suggestions for improving our service. Please use the word “improvement” (without the quote marks) in the subject line.


AIDS Treatment News always keeps subscriber information confidential, and does not share it with any other organization. If you join our email announcement list we will keep your email address confidential, and you can leave the list at any time.

We do not share information on who has used our Web site. And AIDS Treatment News does not use “cookies” at this time.

Contact Us

The best way to reach AIDS Treatment News is by email: aidsnews@aidsnews.org Please start your subject line with “ATN:” (without the quotation marks).

You can also write to: AIDS Treatment News, 1233 Locust St., 5th floor, Philadelphia, PA 19107.

Or you can call us at 1-800-TREAT-1-2 (1-800-873-2812), best Monday through Thursday 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Eastern time. We are often out of the office, so you may need to leave a message.

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